Cheese Dog, Cheese Sausage

From the Dutch cheese family


The Dutch Glory of the CheeseDog

Craving a new snacking experience? This tasty, revolutionary cheese snack is sure to delight your taste buds through and through. Our CheeseDog is a genius cheese innovation in the snack industry, aimed at true connoisseurs. And it is very easy to prepare!

A Dog with a Real Bite

Our CheeseDog cheese snacks have a real bite but rest assured: this dog won't bite you back! With its crispy exterior and creamy interior, you’ll enjoy the exquisite flavours of a real cheese snack that can satisfy any hunger! With every bite you take of this CheeseDog®, you're relishing a piece of the Dutch cheese revolution.

A Source of Inspiration

This new cheese snack is a fresh and easy-to-prepare product that can be applied in all sorts of dishes. Moreover, every chef can put their own spin on it to invent some incredibly delicious creations.

The Classic Dutch Snack

The snacking market is ready for an innovative, classic Dutch product. The on-the-go market is continuously growing. More and more people are looking for tasty vegetarian alternatives. After all, health is becoming increasingly important. That's why this cheese snack will remain forever on every menu!

soooo cheesy

 CheeseDog® - Vergeer Holland