About the CheeseDog

CheeseDog Cheese Snacks

The CheeseDog is the new taste sensation. But what makes this snack so special?

Groundbreaking Recipe

Our cheese masters have developed a fresh cheese snack that has definitely earned an iconic place in the landscape of cheese bites. This is something that people are really talking about. The CheeseDog is a fresh product and freshness is an important indicator of quality. After all, a fresh food product is expected to be tastier and longer lasting, which is certainly true of the CheeseDog!

Made from Real Cheese

The CheeseDog is made by a Dutch cheese family with centuries-old artisanal traditions. They were ready to create a revolutionary snack made from real cheese. These new cheese bites obviously meet the strictest quality standards.

Unparalleled Taste

Everyone agrees: the CheeseDog is truly cheeseilious. These cheese snacks consist of no less than three-quarters cheese, resulting in a true flavour explosion! Additionally, people are enthusiastic about the combination of the crispy outer layer and creamy centre. Therefore, the CheeseDog has become known as a cheese snack with a real bite.

Easy to Prepare

Even chefs who are inexperienced with culinary masterpieces can easily handle these cheese snacks. With a little imagination, the CheeseDog can be made into some of the most exciting combinations. Discover the versatile possibilities of the CheeseDog for yourself!

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